ALP offers Sunlight Readable Display, Sunlight Readale LCD, Polarized Touch Screen, Rugged Touch Screen, Micro Mesh EMI Shield, EMI Shielding, NVIS, High Bright LED, Transflective LCD, and Optical Bonding Display.
ALP offers High Bright LCD, Sunlight Readale touch screen, Polarized Touch Screen, Rugged Touch Screen, Micro Mesh EMI Shield, mesh EMI Shielding, NVIS Filter, LED Driver, Touch Controller, Optical Bonding Display.

TriuLCD™: High Bright LCD with LED Backlight

It is ALP's unending quest to develop better sunlight readable display solutions to meet market demands. We first explored the notion of using LED backlight strip to luminate a rugged notebook 11.3" LCD back in 2001. Although the result fell short of our hoped-for standards - due to the non-uniform and directional luminance of the LED chips back then, the great success of TrioLCD in 2002 encouraged ALP to persist in the development of this LED backlight enhancement. By early 2005, LEDs became better at displaying color contrast, but power efficiency was still an issue that needed to be improved on.

By 2006, there was a major breakthrough in improving the illumining efficiency of LEDs, and this propelled us towards our long awaited success in LED backlight development.

ALP selects LED chips with the most efficient luminance and heat dispersion to design our backlight strip and generate a series of high bright LCDs with energy efficient LED backlights. We can design the backlight according to LCD's dimensions and internal structure with your set of electrical specs. the brightness of our power efficient LCD with LED backlight can reach 1000 - 2000 nits, depending on the original structure of the LCD. Along with the development of a LED backlight was the need to develop a LED driver and the optical design of the backlight module, which we also succeeded in.