ALP offers Sunlight Readable Display, Sunlight Readale LCD, Polarized Touch Screen, Rugged Touch Screen, Micro Mesh EMI Shield, EMI Shielding, NVIS, High Bright LED, Transflective LCD, and Optical Bonding Display.
ALP offers High Bright LCD, Sunlight Readale touch screen, Polarized Touch Screen, Rugged Touch Screen, Micro Mesh EMI Shield, mesh EMI Shielding, NVIS Filter, LED Driver, Touch Controller, Optical Bonding Display.
Technical Information


About RT-TrioLCD™: Polarized Touch Screen Integrated Sunlight Readable TrioLCD Display

The patented RT-TrioLCD integration technology allows us to integrate a resistive touch panel with LCD in an innovative way and to eliminate the unwanted reflections. The reflectance from sunlight of a RT-TrioLCDmay be about <1% (Fig. 1). In addition, unit so integrated, may be able to utilize some of the effective reflection of a TrioLCD, which may still be able to be delivered to viewer's eyes and enhance the sunlight readability of the unit. Fig. 2 shows a 15" notebook screen divided into areas A, B, and C, where A is a LCD area overlaid with a regular resistive touch, B is an area made into TrioLCD, and C is an area made into RT-TrioLCD. Indoors, all areas are viewable. However, when outdoors, under conditions of both shade (Fig. 3) and direct sunlight (Fig. 4), only areas B and C, which are TrioLCD and RT-TrioLCD , are readable.

Figure 1 - Reflectance of Ambient Light on LCD with Various Resistive Touch Screens Figure 2 - Indoor readability : A - regular touch, B - RT-TrioLCD, and C - RT-TrioLCD Figure 3 - Readability under the shade: screen areas A, B, and C in the shade Figure 4 - Outdoor readability of screen areas A, B, and C under direct sunlight

We invite you to experience for yourself the remarkable effects that TrioLCD and RT-TrioLCD can have on the outdoor readability of your displays. Once again, we would like to thank our customers for their continued support.