ALP offers Sunlight Readable Display, Sunlight Readale LCD, Polarized Touch Screen, Rugged Touch Screen, Micro EMI mesh Shield, EMI Shielding, NVIS, High Bright LED, Transflective LCD, and Optical Bonding
ALP offers High Bright LCD, Sunlight Readale touch screen, Polarized Touch Screen, Rugged Touch Screen, Micro EMI mesh Shield, EMI mesh Shielding, NVIS Filter, LED Driver, Touch Controller, Optical Bonding Display.
ALP offers EMI mesh Shield, EMI mesh Shielding, EMI display, which are superior than EMIClare. EMIClare is an etched micro mesh - a EMI mesh shielding. ALP's EMI mesh is superior than etched EMI mesh shield in its optical performances.

Develpoment of ALP's Technologies

Through years of hard work and devotion, ALP has successfully developed and paented various display enhancement and integration technologies. Some highlighted technologies include DryBond process, bare mesh for EMI appilcation, and 0.3 mm glass chemically strengthening process. Each of the technology development has its own interesting story and we are hoping to be able to share that with you. More Technical information may be obtained by clicking on the above tabs or the following links:

EMI: iMesh: highly effective EMI mesh shielding with no optical interference

DryBond & gTouch: glove sensitive and most impact resistant rugged touch screen

NVIS compatible IR cut filters: NVIS compatible filters with highly transmissive multi-layer coatings

Air-Gap DHA: patented sunlight readable DHA with polarized touch screen, EMI, heater, and NVIS compatible filter

Sunlight Readable TrioLCD and RT-TrioLCD: Direct sunlight readable and rugged touch screen integrated display

High Bright TriuLCD and RT-TriuLCD: High bright LED backlight LCD and rugged touch panel integrated display

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