ALP offers Sunlight Readable Display, Sunlight Readale LCD, Polarized Touch Screen, Rugged Touch Screen, Micro Mesh EMI Shield, EMI Shielding, NVIS, High Bright LED, Transflective LCD, and Optical Bonding Display.
ALP offers High Bright LCD, Sunlight Readale touch screen, Polarized Touch Screen, Rugged Touch Screen, Micro Mesh EMI Shield, mesh EMI Shielding, NVIS Filter, LED Driver, Touch Controller, Optical Bonding Display.
Technical Information

Polarized Touch

Sunlight Readable Polarized Touch Panel

In ALP, we chooses high quality of ITO film and circular polarizer to make the polaried touch panels. Design and making of the polarized touch paenl is one of the outstanding capabilities of ALP. We are able to over most of the challeges associated with the materail and optical performances. A few patents related to integration technologies of these polarized touch screen to various displays have been awarded since we first applied the patent in 2003 and we continue to excel and stay in the leading position concerning the design and making of this series of product. Our in-house touch panel production process is a much greener process than the commonly used traditional etching process. The resulting product is the finest among the polarized touch panels on the market.

All the polarized touch screens may be integrated with a regular LCD or an enhanced LCD by the optical bonding or by the Air-Gap integration technology to generate the following series of display head assembly:

  • RT-TrioLCD: A polarized touch panel integrted with a TrioLCD (Transmissive and Reflective Illumination Optimized LCD
  • RT-TriuLCD: A polarized touch panel integrted with a Ulra bright LCD with LED backlight, TriuLCD, brightness may be enhanced to 800 ~ 1500 nits.